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We are a group founded in 1990 in Murcia Capital, whose philosophy is to provide an advisory service and brokering the purchase and sale of property and Land in both domestic and foreign territory.

Our core business is based on offering our customers a real estate consultant (Property for sale) and Financial Advice (where, when and where to invest).

• In the financial advisor, because our careers, we have the backing of major investors, key to our success as well as staff, to give impetus to our work. We studied all our offers, both financially and commercially, so we maintain a direct relationship with our customers, giving us flexibility in making decisions.

• In the real estate consultant, due to our careers, we have the support of major suppliers of property (banks, savings banks, developers and individuals) giving rise to a wide range of property throughout the Region, the key to our success, and staff, to give impetus to our work. We have many buyers either the financial industry with high expectations of investing as individuals seeking their future home.At all times handle the financing for the buyer.

We have a large human capital, based on extensive and proven experience in career counseling, with a deep knowledge of the market.

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