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Our client Aurora, made us a query in yesterday and we thought to throw the answer to all those customers or non-customers interested know that it is that energy efficiency certificate... Inproe, real estate consultants, makes free of charge, to employ its full marketing plan.

Although at first it was thought that this was a higher rate to pay in the sale management, really all the information that gives us the energy certificate is neither more nor less the main constructive characteristics and several measures to save energy (and therefore money).

This is clearer when it comes to seeing it in appliances, where we find the sticker of energy efficiency, with A more efficient and less efficient G. More efficient electricity and water consumption. The same happens in buildings so if we find two houses in the same geographical location with more or less equalized price and similar characteristics, we want to know which is more efficient, that can help us decide.


In 2013, Royal Decree 235/2013 was published, which approved the basic procedure for the certification of energy efficiency of buildings.
The Energy Efficiency certificate is an official document that shows the total annual consumption of energy required, under normal conditions, to meet the basic needs of a house or building, in relation to lighting, water, heating or ventilation, among others.
The energy certificate is mandatory for all new buildings, whether they are subject to sale or lease. There are exceptions such as: if you buy to demolish, protected historical monuments or religious worship, temporary construction, having industrial or agricultural object but not residential or commercial, rent less than 16 weeks a year, isolated building of less than 50m2 ...
The original is delivered to the buyer and if it is rent, you are given a copy.

Who carries out this certificate?

The professionals qualified to carry out the certificate of energy efficiency are architect, technical architect, engineer, technical engineer. They assign the building an energy label from A to G, from more to less energy efficient.

What price does it have?

Ideally, compare different prices when making the certificate. From Inproe, within our complete marketing plan, the EEC Energy Efficiency Certificate is Free. Like the black and sale advice. It is a service that we offer our clients to facilitate the process.
For more information we can provide you the carm.es page, where you can download the application for registration and the authorization for the registration, the fees to be paid ...





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