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The first step, although obvious must be highlighted. Are you sure we want to sell?
Well, reaffirmed that the sale is going to be made, we are going to see some very important points so as not to make mistakes and to do the best we can.
1. BE REALISTIC WITH THE PRICE. The first thing is to ask yourself what your property is worth and for that the best thing is that you know the prices of properties with similar characteristics of your area. Call the houses that have a sign of your neighborhood, get into real estate or real estate portals. In short, look at your competition because the buyer if you have the same cheaper option, will not buy.

2. TO SELL, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT. Make a poster and put it on the balcony. Publish it in magazines or in the newspaper. Publish it in a great viewing portal as you can be idealists, it is an investment of money, but very interesting. The more people see it, the greater the possibility of selling.

3. NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION. It is necessary to have on hand and make a copy of the Deed of Sale or Title of Property, Simple Notes, ID of the owners and receipt of the IBI. Even if you think that everything is in order, it is necessary to verify it. This information shows a reality of the property and has to be all day so that the sale does not have any problems ... such as existing embargoes, registry errors etc ...

4. THE FIRST PRINT IS IMPORTANT. If your house has small imperfections for little that you invest in solving them, you will noticeably improve the purchase. I mean, for example, a peeling wall, a moisture stain ... these are things that a potential client is going to throw back and has an easy solution. Get a good handyman that makes you a good price and leave it beautiful.

5. AN IMAGE IS MORE THAN 1000 WORDS. Get a good photographer to let you see your future clients, the house that you have prepared with such care. These photos will come to you well so that they can see you in possible portals that you hire. It is a way to make a difference.

6. HOUSING AND EEC PLAN. It is necessary to have a floor plan and the energy efficiency certificate. If you do not have it, you can always hire an architect to do it and you can request that they do the CEE (In one of the blog's news I talk about it: http://www.inproe.com/noticia/en- inproe-certified-de-eficiencia-energetica-gratuito / 2944 /

7. DRAFTING THE ADVERTISEMENT. Write an ad that hooks the prospective buyer, detailing the property and generating the desire to purchase.

8. ON ​​THE INTERNET YOU LEAVE THE FIRST. Since you publish on the internet that you go out first.

9. VISITS. Put your phone number in the ad and organize visits to your home. It is important that you follow some guidelines to take into account so that the view is satisfactory as it can be: ventilate the house well, that is neat and clean ...

10. DEFEND THE PRICE YOU HAVE PLACED. Try not to take advantage of the needs you have for sale, do not let yourself be carried away by the rush and sell your house well for the price you have already assessed as fair. Negotiate correctly.

After all these guidelines, if you have reached a buyer who wants to buy your house, Congratulations! and just need to go to the notary to formalize the purchase.

Once you meet with us and you are clear that you want to leave your property in our hands, we proceed:
1. We do a market study to assess which REAL PRICE has your property.
2. In case you need it, we help to solve those small imperfections of your home and we offer you our HOME STAGING service.
3. We carry out a complete MARKETING PLAN: Professional photos, positioning in the most important portals generating an effective advertisement, flyer and mail, web and social networks ...
5. The ECE (certificate of energy efficiency) and the PLANO is our business!
6. We arrange VISITS
7. WE NEGOTIATE your price with skill to the buyer.
8. Apart from all this we must emphasize that we work with 2 MLS which is a collaboration with more than 110 real estate agents in the region, more than 300 agents multiplying the sale possibilities of your property.
9. Finally, we monitor each visit, which is provided to the owner, always having a real vision of how the sales process goes.

If you need help, call us at 968 22 28 99. A real estate consultant can answer without any commitment, any questions you have and we will be




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